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Problems that can be fixed easily


There could be several different reason why your door will not lock, here are some.
    1. There is building movement and the latch/bolt does not line up with the strike in the frame, to fix this you will need to adjust the strike on the frame.

    2. The hinges are worn or loose causing the door to drop and not line up with the strike, to fix you will need to replace or tighten the hinges.

    3. There is an object in the frame causing the door not to close fully, remove object. It can be a pebble/stone, twig or anything like that or even the new weather strip you have installed.


There can be several reasons why your key is not turning, here are some.

    1. Are you using the right key? do check as we are sometimes in a hurry and pickup the wrong key.

    2. Have you lubricated your lock lately, the best lubricant is a wet lubricant with a lanolin, silicon or teflon base, powered graphite is no longer any good as it is a powder that falls to the bottom of the lock and not to the pins which are at the top of the lock barrel, by using graphite it also goes to the back of the lock and can stop the key from going in all the way.

    3. Is the key going into the lock all the way, there could be a foreign object (stick, glue), in this case you would have to call us out or take the lock off and bring it to our workshop. Please Call to arrange a time (02) 4351 1722.
    4. Now if your problem is with your car then and the above has not worked most likely you lock need some very important attention, if its your door lock you can do one of three things, you can call us out to remove and repair your lock, or bring the car to our workshop, or remove the lock yourself and bring it to the workshop. Please call for an appointment. (02) 4351 1722.

    5. Now if it's your car ignition lock and it is not turning then there is a major problem and sometimes you have to replace the lock, but first you must remove the existing lock, which you will need to call us out to repair / replace the lock and key it back to your original key, we have to order most car locks in so there is a waiting time, unless you purchase an original lock and we can fit it for you. older Holden Commodores VN-VZ we usually keep 1 in stock.


There can be several problems here.
    1. Have you checked the frame to see if there is anything jammed in the way as this can cause the key to turn a little bit but not fully, due to too much pressure on the latch/bolt. remedy to fix would to pull/push on the door depending on which way it opens. What you want to do is make it close a bit more and then turn the key.

    2. The other problem it could be is the door has dropped and the latch/bolt is rubbing on the strike in the frame, which also causes the latch/bolt not to retract. Remedy is to lift the door by the handle and turn the key.

    3. The next problem cant be fixed by yourself it would have to have a call out, as the latch/bolt has seperated inside the door and the only way of fixing this is to remove the locks and retract the bolt, but is not as simple as it sounds. You will need a Locksmith.

    4. The next solution is a simple one have you lubricated your lock lately as it could be metal rubbing on metal, which makes it hard to open.
With some of these problems you will need to adjust the door or locks which we can correct this problem. Unless there is major building movement.


For this type of problem you can check the following.
    1. Have you just got a new key cut and its stuck in the lock, most problems like this is the key has a sharp part which has jammed it in the lock. Only fix for this can be call a locksmith or take the cylinder out and take it to a locksmith.

    2. The other problem is that the lock has not been lubricated in a while, The fix is lubricate with a wet lubricant, ie. Silicon, Teflon or lanolin based lubricant. we suggest Lanox as it is a marine grade lubricant. Can be purchased from most hardwares and auto parts shops.

    3. The other main cause is that the cam screws on the back of the cylinder is loose and causing the barrel of the lock to move out a little bit with the key, which stops the key from being removed. The temporary fix for this is to hold your finger on the barrel and hold it in when pulling the key out. you will need to have the lock looked at to correct this problem as it will get worse and cause you to be locked out or even worse.
With some of these problems you will need a Locksmith.


This problem can be many things and with out knowing the cause it is hard to give an answer. but lots of times it can be due to doors moving or building movement. then other times it is locks just breaking. So i would recommend giving us a call and arranging a time to come out and repair the problem.

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